DeVry University

About DeVry University-

DeVry is a fully accredited university. There are two types of accreditation, regional and national. A regionally accredited school is more prestigious. It has recognized courses that are easily transferable. Courses in nationally accredited schools tend to be vocational and do not map well to academic courses offered by regionally accredited schools. DeVry is Regionally Accredited. DeVry University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (HLC/NCA),, one of the big six regional accreditors. These are the same accreditors which accredit every famous college or university that you have ever heard of… including Harvard and Yale. So that means that DeVry’s credits are transferable to potentially any other regionally-accredited college/university in the country. And since most colleges/universities are regionally accredited, that is a whole lot of them. For the most part, one regionally-accredited school’s credits will be welcomed by most any other regionally-accredited school, but it is up to the receiving school to accept the credits.

Regionally accredited schools include:


Michigan-Princeton-Penn State-Yale

To see a full list of regionally accredited schools by state, visit: